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8 Day Resort holiday with tours
19th - 26 September 2020
3*** Mayfair Hotel St Helier

With direct day-time flights between Belfast International Airport and Jersey this holiday should suit all ages and interests, since Jersey has something for everyone – without travelling too far! Our flight departs Belfast International Airport at 12.25pm on Saturday 19th September and returns to Belfast International Airport at 15.40pm on Saturday 26th September.

Jersey is naturally beautiful. Clear water and beaches surround some 45 miles of coastline – the Island’s greatest natural treasure. Sweeping bays in the south give way to dramatic cliffs in the north offering spectacular scenery and stunning vistas. Visitors return year after year, 750,000 of them to enjoy the tranquil countryside, mouth-watering food and a friendly Jersey welcome. It is the most southerly of the Channel Islands and has one of the best sunshine records in the British Isles. It is 100 miles south of mainland Britain and 14 miles from the coast of France. The Island of Jersey is neither part of the United Kingdom nor a member of the European Union. All internal affairs are managed by Jersey’s own Parliament, the States Assembly while defence and international matters are handled by Dept for Constitutional Affairs in London

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