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ISRAEL - Land of the Bible
ISRAEL - Land of the Bible ISRAEL - Land of the Bible

ISRAEL - Land of the Bible

Land of the Bible
October 2018

A visit to Israel should be the dream holiday destination for every believer in Christ - to visit the places where Jesus fulfilled His earthly ministry teaching, preaching, healing, and delivering oppressed people before being crucified at Calvary and rising again from the dead. This tour to Israel places one in the setting where Jesus died and rose on the third day, and will include times of fellowship and worship with Hebrew believers during the itinerary. Our Israel tours combine a resort holiday based at Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean and in Jerusalem with five tour days to Christian and historical sites with free days for relaxation. There will be optional day tours to Kibbutz farming and Valley of Elah where David slew the giant Goliath. The population of Israel is 8.5 million people and rising annually, the majority of whom are Jews, live in what is the world’s only Jewish state, along with Arab Muslims, Christians and Druze.

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